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Baths & Cleansings

These are Spiritual Cleansings and Baths specially taylored for you, your home, and place of business, they will cleanse unseen energies, conditions and obstacles. The intention is to remove obstacles that block the paths in one's life.

This is often done after divination, when recommended by the Orisha and/or the Eggungun to remove the obstacles, dangers associated with the reading, and smooth out pathways.

A spiritual bath or a cleansing is equivalent to cleansing the physical body and/or home of dirt and germs that may cause harm. It is recommended that a person get a spiritual bath and cleanse their home and/or place of business, at least once a year or as often as necessary, according to their needs.

The most common traditional baths are those where you take a bath with some prescribed herbs. Home or business cleansing is the traditional 'baldeo' or washing of the house or place of business.

I prepare spiritual baths and cleansings, specially tailored to your needs.

Security of effectiveness Guaranteed!

Works priced according to the situation. Please contact me for a quote...  shepsnzinga@oshunye.com