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Spiritual Works

- Open your roads towards health, love, and  development,
- Resolve legal problems or problems with the law,
- Better your relationships with other people,
- Resolve love problems,
- Remove unwanted people from your path and your work place.

Yoruba Religion is also referred to as Regla de Ocha, Lucumí or Santeía. It was the Spanish who gave this religion a pejorative name as the slaves camouflaged their Afrikan spiritual practice behind the cult to the Catholic Saints. Santeria is also called Lucumí after the origin of the Yoruba slaves, Lucumí people who lived in the hinterland of the Bight of Benin.

Lucumí is are misteries onnected to the Most High and is very powerful. As a priestess who has been taught with the old ways, I call upon the Energies of the Universe (Orishas) and my 'Cuadro Espiritual'  (Eggungun) to fulfill what is wished for, be it wealth, luck, protection and the ever longed for which is love.


I do Yoruba/Lukumí(Santería) work.

My work is extremely effective.

Obtain good in a matter of time.

Obtain desired results through the intervention of the Eggungun and the Orisha.

I only do work when it is possible and if the case is just.

Security of effectiveness Guaranteed!

Works priced according to the situation. Please contact me for a quote... shepsnzinga@oshunye.com