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My Practice

My name is Sheps'Nzinga.

I'm a student of Ancient Afrikan Misteries and an Olorisha Oshun or Crowned Priestess of Oshun, ordained in the Ancestral Yorubá Spirituality originated in West Afrika, which today is practiced in many tendencies, in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Brazil, the Caribbean and U.S.A. principally (although there are growing communities in Europe and Central America and Hawaii to mention a few). My branch of practice is called "the Pepperseed" in the Yorubá/Lukumí(Santería) tendency, with the spiriual support of a great religious family.

I have been called to serve the Ancestors and the Universe, and I do so with my work and way of life. I'm also a mystic, spiritist, medium, a healer, and a gifted psychic. As a Priestess, my duty is to Self, God, the Ancestors and the Orishas, always following the guidance of my elders. In Yorubá Spirituality, our main objective is to work towards "Iwá Pelé" or good/gentle character.


Good Character
Odu IFA (the Holy Afrikan Scripture of the Yorubá) SAYS:

Perform truthfulness,perform righteousness,
Perform kindness, avoid wickedness,
Perform the truth, perform righteousness;
Is the one that IMALE supports.

Who is IMALE except OLODUMARE (GOD).

In Eji Ogbe
IFA says:

I behave as my GOD creates me.
I do good always, I am honest, too.
I do no evil, Neither do I harbor evil thoughts;
L'est I die wretched.
This is because
Whatever we initiate in our youth
Will persist 'til old age.

These are the declarations of the Oracle for ORUNMILA and the 401 IRUNMOLE, when coming from Heaven to the earth. OLODUMARE instructed them to do good always. Only ORUNMILA applied honesty of thought to overturn all evil machinations.


Iwa Pele is the representation of good character and is related to the practical ability to cause obvious changes of energy.
In Yorubá Spirituality it is of paramount importance, since the character of the man shows his heart and Olodumare(God), which is called "the form of hearts" is searching for them.

When we say a person has good Iwa, is because in their personal relationships demonstrated the right qualities of a good individual. This is one of the basic concepts of the Yorubá religion, as the welfare, development in life, even the extent of their character will be governed by Iwa.

The daily activities or daily living are produced by the subconscious, this is not merely a reflection of the facts, thoughts and attitudes of past life reflected in the present life, so we can say without fear of error that a bad person, a criminal, a criminal who violates the laws of society, someone who has been dragging other embodiments of the suffering of these attitudes, is getting worse each time until this suffering has ended.

This process takes several reincarnations to restore the necessary purity lost in previous life.

In contrast, a person in harmony with life, is consistent with the universal principle and get in expedited manner the good things of life.

Iwa should not be confused with reputation. Our Iwa is known by our consciousness and is immortal, comes from Oluddumare. Reputation, although it seems like Iwa, is nothing more than a term given to us humans by us humans, so it is deadly and is not good, as there are people with good reputations who have no good soul and good heart, therefore it's not Iwa.

The Iwa is the memory of the soul and these memories are stored in the mind which in turn is driven by our intellect, in this process the thoughts go from one to the highest ego or intellect where we can acquire the ability to locate the spirit and our covenant with Oloddumare.

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