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Guards & Amulets

Amulets, Guards and Talismans personalized, for your luck, love, money or protection.

Dedicated to one or more deities.

Protection against evil works.

Protection against evil eye.
Protection against envy.

Immunity in the face of danger.
Luck with money. Luck with love. Luck at work. Prosperity in business.
Protection for trips.
Protection against enemies.
The amulet is and object that you carry with you to counteract negative forces, such as envy and evil eye.

The guard is, generally, a small red, Green or yellow bag, charged with different substances, or objects with magical or protective powers or a deity, saint or angel.

In contrast with the amulet and the guard, the talisman, is used to attract luck, love or money. Amongst the most popular talismans there are the zodiacal crystals.

Costumized Amulet, Guard or Talisman